Market Update

Pemaparan lebih lanjut mengenai kondisi makroekonomi global, Indonesia, dan berbagai industri di dalamnya dari tim kami untuk anda secara berkala.

23 Feb 2024WeeklyGlobal stocks rose to new highs on Nvidia’s earnings amid Fed’s inflation concernsPremier Fund Monitoring
16 Feb 2024WeeklyUS stocks’ gains halted by inflation uptick but EM equities performed well this weekPremier Fund Monitoring
9 Feb 2024WeeklySolid US economy and upgraded earnings expectations propel global stocks higherPremier Fund Monitoring
2 Feb 2024WeeklyUS blowout jobs report drove stocks to new highs amid Fed’s rate on hold for longerPremier Fund Monitoring
26 Jan 2024WeeklyUS GDP upside surprise and moderating inflation drove stocks to new all-time highsPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Jan 2024WeeklyUS stocks at record highs amid surging consumer sentiment, shifting rate cut expectationsPremier Fund Monitoring
12 Jan 2024WeeklyUS stocks resume advance as bond yields pulled back amid mixed inflation reportsPremier Fund Monitoring
5 Jan 2024WeeklyA shaky start to 2024 amid resilient US labor market as bond yields bounced backPremier Fund Monitoring
29 Dec 2023Weekly2024 O utlook : Disinflation, Rate and Fund Flows Reversals Are Key Catalysts for EMsPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Dec 2023WeeklyCooler than expected US inflation fuels expectations for steeper Fed rate cuts in 2024Premier Fund Monitoring
15 Dec 2023WeeklyStocks surged to 52 week highs as Fed signals more substantial cuts ahead in 2024Premier Fund Monitoring
08 Dec 2023WeeklyStocks momentum slows while bond yields end higher amid steady US jobs marketPremier Fund Monitoring
01 Dec 2023WeeklyStocks and bonds rally continue amid cooling US inflation and consumer spendingPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Nov 2023WeeklyStocks sustained recovery momentum amid Fed’s signal for rates to remain steadyPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Nov 2023WeeklyStocks maintain rebound momentum amid a cooler than expected US inflation ratePremier Fund Monitoring
10 November 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks rebound moderating amid Fed Chair Powell’s more hawkish commentsPremier Fund Monitoring
6 November 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks rebound on bond yield reversal amid cooling down of US labor marketPremier Fund Monitoring
27 Oct 2023WeeklyStocks entered correction territory amid rising interest rate and geopolitical risksPremier Fund Monitoring
20 Oct 2023WeeklyStocks resumed downtrend as 10-yr US yield nears 5% amid Fed’s inflation warningPremier Fund Monitoring
13 Oct 2023WeeklyStocks momentum improving on yield pullback, dovish Fed signals, stable inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
6 Oct 2023WeeklyShifting rate expectations due to resilient US economy continues to impact marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
29 Sep 2023WeeklyStocks fell for the second month as yields climb even higher amid US shutdown anxietyPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Sep 2023WeeklyStocks drop as yields surged amid Fed’s signal to keep rate higher for longer into 2024Premier Fund Monitoring
15 Sep 2023WeeklyMixed stock markets as bond yields rise again amid persistent inflation, rising oil pricesPremier Fund Monitoring
8 Sep 2023WeeklyStocks retreat as inflation fears return amid US economic resilience, rising oil pricesPremier Fund Monitoring
1 Sep 2023WeeklyStocks regained momentum amid cooling US labor market, easing Fed rate hike fearsPremier Fund Monitoring
25 Aug 2023WeeklyStocks rebound amid Fed’s cautious message and mixed signals on US economyPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Aug 2023WeeklyStocks retreat continues amid rising rates, China’s deepening economic troublesPremier Fund Monitoring
11 Aug 2023WeeklyUS banks’ credit downgrades and China’s stalled recovery dampen global marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
4 Aug 2023WeeklyStocks rally fizzled out amid US credit rating downgrade, slowing jobs growthPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Jul 2023WeeklyStocks rally sustained amid resilient US growth, cooling inflation, peaking ratesPremier Fund Monitoring
21 Jul 2023WeeklyStocks rally slows as markets assess growth outlook and await Fed rate decisionPremier Fund Monitoring
14 Jul 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks bounced back, yields reversed course, as US inflation slowed to 3%Premier Fund Monitoring
7 Jul 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks failed to sustain positive momentum amid Fed tightening concernsPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Jun 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks resumed bullish streaks on positive US growth and inflation surprisesPremier Fund Monitoring
26 Jun 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks bullish streaks snapped on renewed rate hike and growth concernsPremier Fund Monitoring
16 June 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks maintained bullish momentum despite hawkish Fed signal on ratesPremier Fund Monitoring
9 June 2023WeeklyGlobal equities enter bull market despite Fed pivot outlook shifting into 2024Premier Fund Monitoring
31 May 2023WeeklyEleventh hour deal puts government shutdown at bayPremier Fund Monitoring
26 May 2023WeeklyStock and Bonds on the defensive pending bipartisan unityPremier Fund Monitoring
19 May 2023WeeklyStocks advanced globally but bonds corrected as 10-yr UST yields rose to 3.68%Premier Fund Monitoring
12 May 2023WeeklyStocks and bonds moved sideways amid sticky US inflation, debt-ceiling standoffPremier Fund Monitoring
5 May 2023WeeklyUS stocks reversed gains amid banking sector volatility, debt deadline anxietyPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Apr 2023WeeklyUS stocks edge higher amid robust tech earnings, slowing GDP, easing inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
14 Apr 2023WeeklyStocks edged higher amid moderating US inflation, softening consumer demandPremier Fund Monitoring
7 Apr 2023WeeklyDirectionless markets amid signs of softening US economy and labor marketPremier Fund Monitoring
31 Mar 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks rebound sustained as inflation and banking instability worries easedPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Mar 2023WeeklyGlobal markets edging up as Fed nears policy pause, bond yields dropped furtherPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Mar 2023WeeklyChoppy global markets amid fallout from US bank failures as yields fell sharplyPremier Fund Monitoring
10 Mar 2023WeeklyUS stock markets plunged on renewed rate worries and a tech bank bankruptcyPremier Fund Monitoring
3 Mar 2023WeeklyGlobal markets rebounded on optimism Fed might pause rate hikes this summerPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Feb 2023WeeklyInflation reversal and US retailers’ cautious outlook triggered broad market sell-offsPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Feb 2023WeeklyStocks lost momentum as persistent inflation led to extended rate-hike cycle worriesPremier Fund Monitoring
10 Feb 2023WeeklyMarket reversals on mixed Fed comments, rising yields after strong US jobs reportsPremier Fund Monitoring
3 Feb 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks buoyed by US economic data, earnings results, dovish Fed commentsPremier Fund Monitoring
27 Jan 2023WeeklyStocks rise as robust US GDP growth and cooling inflation led to soft landing hopesPremier Fund Monitoring
20 Jan 2023WeeklyGlobal stocks corrected as investors’ focus shifted from inflation to growth worriesPremier Fund Monitoring
13 Jan 2023WeeklyStocks continue good start to 2023 as inflation tide is receding, US dollar weakeningPremier Fund Monitoring
6 Jan 2023WeeklyA strong start in 2023 for global markets but JCI corrected amid sustained outflowsPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Dec 2022WeeklyLooking forward to a brighter 2023 with moderating inflation and Fed rate hike pausePremier Fund Monitoring
23 Dec 2022Weekly2022 proved to be a challenging year but the end of Fed’s tightening is now in sightPremier Fund Monitoring
16 Dec 2022WeeklyGlobal stock markets retreated further on semi-hawkish Fed and US recession fearsPremier Fund Monitoring
9 Dec 2022WeeklyResilient US economy and labor market led to fears Fed is not done fighting inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
2 Dec 2022WeeklyUS markets continued edging higher amid Fed’s signal of a slower pace of rate hikesPremier Fund Monitoring
25 Nov 2022WeeklyFed minutes revealing inclination for slower rate hikes lift up stocks and lower yields Global Stock Indices LastPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Nov 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks recovery momentum halted by Fed rate hike and growth uncertaintiesPremier Fund Monitoring
11 Nov 2022WeeklySigns of cooling US inflation boosted global capital markets but weakened US dollarsPremier Fund Monitoring
4 Nov 2022WeeklyFed’s statement revising up its terminal rate halted recovery momentum of US stocksPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Oct 2022WeeklyUS stocks maintain recovery momentum amid growing hopes for a Fed rate hike slowdownPremier Fund Monitoring
21 Oct 2022WeeklyUS stocks rebounded strongly amidst earnings season, Fed’s mixed signals, still rising yieldsPremier Fund Monitoring
14 Oct 2022WeeklyGlobal markets start showing resiliency amid persistently high US inflation and rising yieldsPremier Fund Monitoring
7 Oct 2022WeeklyGlobal markets rebound capped by renewed rate hike fears following strong US jobs reportPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Sep 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks fell to new 52-week lows as persistently high inflation shows no sign of easing yetPremier Fund Monitoring
23 Sep 2022WeeklyGlobal markets tumbled on recession fears as hawkish Fed is projected to hike rate above 4.5%Premier Fund Monitoring
16 Sep 2022WeeklySharp pullbacks in global markets as US high inflation persists and recession fears growPremier Fund Monitoring
9 Sep 2022WeeklyUS stock market’s upturn on inflation moderation optimism despite still rising bond yieldsPremier Fund Monitoring
2 Sep 2022WeeklyMarkets prepare for Fed’s sustained high rate throughout 2023 amid resilient US jobs marketPremier Fund Monitoring
26 Aug 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks plunge after Fed Chair’s hawkish speech signals another big rate hike ahead Global Stock Indices LPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Aug 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks retreat on rate fears and Fed comment’s that US inflation has not peaked yetPremier Fund Monitoring
12 Aug 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks recovery continues on signs of slowing US inflation in JulyPremier Fund Monitoring
5 Aug 2022WeeklyStocks rebound rally cooling off as strong US jobs growth gives more room for Fed rate hikesPremier Fund Monitoring
29 Jul 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks rebound continued as Fed rate hike and softening US economy are priced-in Global Stock Indices Last 1W YTDPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Jul 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks are climbing back on signs of peaking inflation, resilient US earnings season Global Stock Indices LastPremier Fund Monitoring
15 Jul 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks fell ahead of a hotter-than-expected US inflation, particularly EM equitiesPremier Fund Monitoring
8 Jul 2022WeeklyStrong US jobs growth calmed recession fears, reversing stocks to modest weekly gainsPremier Fund Monitoring
1 Jul 2022WeeklyUS stocks fell again amid mixed economic data, while 10-yr UST yields eased to 2.89%Premier Fund Monitoring
24 Jun 2022WeeklyStocks bounce amid testimony of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, falling oil prices, and mixed economic dataPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Jun 2022WeeklyUS stocks and bonds continued to fall as markets priced in aggressive rate hikePremier Fund Monitoring
10 Jun 2022WeeklyHigher-than-expected US inflation drags global stocks sharply down, lifts bond yields upPremier Fund Monitoring
3 Jun 2022WeeklyUS stocks pull back due to growing recession fears amid Fed’s rate hike path uncertaintyPremier Fund Monitoring
27 May 2022WeeklyUS stocks rebound as consumer spending remain solid while inflation is high but moderatingPremier Fund Monitoring
20 May 2022WeeklyUS stocks continued losing streak amid recession fears, value outperform growth stocksPremier Fund Monitoring
13 May 2022WeeklyEM & DM stocks continued to fall given inflation rate of both CPI and PPI remained highPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Apr 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks & bonds corrections continued into third week amid increasingly hawkish FedPremier Fund Monitoring
15 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks and bonds fell again as US inflation rate jumped to 8.5%, a new four-decade highPremier Fund Monitoring
08 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks and bonds fell amid Fed’s more hawkish than expected monetary tightening plansPremier Fund Monitoring
01 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks were little changed amid EM rebound as focus remains on Russia-Ukraine talksPremier Fund Monitoring
25 Mar 2022Weekly Stocks end mostly higher while the bond price rout accelerated due to more hawkish FedPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Mar 2022WeeklyStocks bounce amid falling oil prices, Fed tightening and Russia avoiding default (for now)Premier Fund Monitoring
11 Mar 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks fell as surging commodity prices renews inflation fears, US 10 yr yields at 2%Premier Fund Monitoring