Market Update

Pemaparan lebih lanjut mengenai kondisi makroekonomi global, Indonesia, dan berbagai industri di dalamnya dari tim kami untuk anda secara berkala.

13 May 2022WeeklyEM & DM stocks continued to fall given inflation rate of both CPI and PPI remained highPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Apr 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks & bonds corrections continued into third week amid increasingly hawkish FedPremier Fund Monitoring
15 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks and bonds fell again as US inflation rate jumped to 8.5%, a new four-decade highPremier Fund Monitoring
08 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks and bonds fell amid Fed’s more hawkish than expected monetary tightening plansPremier Fund Monitoring
01 Apr 2022WeeklyStocks were little changed amid EM rebound as focus remains on Russia-Ukraine talksPremier Fund Monitoring
25 Mar 2022Weekly Stocks end mostly higher while the bond price rout accelerated due to more hawkish FedPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Mar 2022WeeklyStocks bounce amid falling oil prices, Fed tightening and Russia avoiding default (for now)Premier Fund Monitoring
11 Mar 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks fell as surging commodity prices renews inflation fears, US 10 yr yields at 2%Premier Fund Monitoring
4 Mar 2022WeeklyEurope stocks plunged as oil prices surge while commodities producing EM equities resilientPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Feb 2022WeeklyRussia-Ukraine War – Impacts on global economy and financial markets, including IndonesiaPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Feb 2022WeeklyRussian invasion and Fed rate hike worries drove global stock prices down and volatility upPremier Fund Monitoring
11 Feb 2022WeeklyUS stocks tumbled as a red hot inflation reading fueled fears of accelerated Fed rate hikesPremier Fund Monitoring
4 Feb 2022WeeklyGlobal stocks recovered but remain volatile, strong US jobs report drove yields to two-year highsPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Jan 2022WeeklyStock markets turbulence shifted to EM but small cap & growth stocks still underperformedPremier Fund Monitoring
21 Jan 2022WeeklyUS stocks slumped to one of biggest weekly losses as fears grow of Fed moving aggressivelyPremier Fund Monitoring
14 Jan 2022WeeklyDM stocks fell for a second week on inflation and rate worries as EM equities outperformedPremier Fund Monitoring
7 Jan 2022WeeklyMinutes of The Fed’s recent Meeting has poured cold water on the Global Stocks rallyPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Dec 2021WeeklyStocks on the rebound on encouraging health & economic news amid Omicron’s rapid spreadPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Dec 2021WeeklyStocks fell on choppy markets as Fed moves forward rate hikes, Omicron pushes yields lowerPremier Fund Monitoring
10 Dec 2021WeeklyEasing Omicron fears drove stocks rebound while bonds fell ahead of Fed’s accelerated taperPremier Fund Monitoring
3 Dec 20221WeeklyA hawkish Fed coupled with Omicron fears weighed on stocks, flattened Treasury yield curvePremier Fund Monitoring
26 Nov 2021WeeklyNew Omicron variant spooked markets as stocks tumbled, bond yields eased on risk aversionPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Nov 2021WeeklyMixed markets as investors weighed strong economy against inflation fears, rising Covid cases GlobalPremier Fund Monitoring
12 Nov 2021WeeklyHot inflation ends US stocks winning streak, shaking consumer confidence, sending yields higherPremier Fund Monitoring
5 Nov 2021WeeklyDovish Fed, strong US jobs growth and earnings beats propelled global stocks to new highsPremier Fund Monitoring
29 Oct 2021WeeklyUS stocks pushing higher amidst upbeat earnings, slowing economy, moderating inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Oct 2021WeeklyEarnings surprises drove US stocks to new highs amidst still rising bond yields and oil pricesPremier Fund Monitoring
15 Oct 2021WeeklyStocks rebound continued on strong US economy and earnings amid still rising energy costsPremier Fund Monitoring
8 Oct 2021WeeklyChoppy markets continue amid energy crunch, surging yields as large caps outpaced small capsPremier Fund Monitoring
1 Oct 2021WeeklyRenewed interest rate fears unsettled markets, particularly tech stocks, DM equities, EM bondsPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Sep 2021WeeklyStocks rebounded but bonds fell as Fed is on track on tapering but revises rate forecasts higherPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Sep 2021WeeklyStocks end lower amid moderating US inflation as investors await next week's FOMC meetingPremier Fund Monitoring
10 Sep 2021WeeklyGlobal stocks pull back amid renewed growth and inflation fears, more resilient Asian marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
3 Sep 2021WeeklySlowing US jobs growth led to mixed equity markets and EM outperformance vs. DM this weekPremier Fund Monitoring
27 Aug 2021WeeklyUS stocks hit new highs amid global equity recovery, small-cap surge, and Fed's taper talkPremier Fund Monitoring
20 Aug 2021WeeklyFed's taper plan revealed in July meeting minutes widens DM vs. EM stocks performance gapPremier Fund Monitoring
13 Aug 2021WeeklyGlobal markets marching to new highs even as US consumer sentiment dropped to decade lowPremier Fund Monitoring
6 Aug 2021WeeklyStrong US jobs report drove DM equities to new highs as EM and Asian markets recoveredPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Jul 2021WeeklyAsian stocks fell amid China tech crackdown, widening performance gap vs. DM equitiesPremier Fund Monitoring
23 Jul 2021WeeklyStocks rebounded from sell-off, shrugging off Covid delta variant, as Asian markets laggedPremier Fund Monitoring
16 Jul 2021WeeklyStocks corrected as US inflation ran hot, bonds defy consensus as yield fell to 1.3%Premier Fund Monitoring
9 Jul 2021WeeklyStocks bounced back from sell-offs as Fed revealed taper discussion but kept patiencePremier Fund Monitoring
2 Jul 2021WeeklyStrong jobs report lifted US stocks but Covid delta variant fears clouded other marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
25 Jun 2021WeeklyUS stocks rebounded on dovish Fed infrastructure deal even as yields are edging higherPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Jun 2021WeeklyStocks fell as Fed discussed tapering, inflation uncertainty, and project faster tightening pacePremier Fund Monitoring
11 Jun 2021WeeklyGlobal equities edging higher as bond yields fell further despite record high US inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
4 Jun 2021WeeklyGlobal markets closed mostly higher as mixed US jobs report eases inflation fearsPremier Fund Monitoring
28 May 2021WeeklyStocks resumed gains as growth hopes outweighed inflation fears despite mixed economic dataPremier Fund Monitoring
21 May 2021WeeklyStocks fell as Fed's minutes reveal taper discussion but recovered on strong US economyPremier Fund Monitoring
14 May 2021WeeklyUS inflation jump dragged stocks down amid Fed's reassurances of no policy changePremier Fund Monitoring
7 May 2021WeeklyMajor stock indices touched new highs as weak US job growth dampens inflation fearsPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Apr 2021WeeklyStocks ended mostly lower amid stronger US economy, earnings growth, and inflationPremier Fund Monitoring
23 Apr 2021WeeklyStocks off record highs amid Biden's tax hike proposal, resurgences of global Covid casesPremier Fund Monitoring
16 Apr 2021WeeklyStocks hit new highs on strong earnings expectations as inflation fears receded (for now)Premier Fund Monitoring
9 Apr 2021WeeklyStocks advanced on growth optimism as bond yields stabilised but inflation remains a threatPremier Fund Monitoring
2 Apr 2021WeeklyGlobal markets regained new highs as growth optimism outweighs rising yields, US tax hike planPremier Fund Monitoring
26 Mar 2021WeeklyYields rise halted (for now) while stocks up as US jobless claims fell, vaccination target doubledPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Mar 2021WeeklyMarkets unsettled by still rising bond yields despite Fed's GDP upgrade and dovish stancePremier Fund Monitoring
12 Mar 2021WeeklyStocks rebounded as inflation fears abated, bond yields took a respite, US stimulus signedPremier Fund Monitoring
5 Mar 2021WeeklyGrowth hopes vs. inflation (overheating) fears conundrum drives stock markets volatilityPremier Fund Monitoring
26 Feb 2021WeeklyStocks fall on inflation fears as rising yields and commodity prices anticipate stronger growthPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Feb 2021WeeklyStocks rise halted as inflation fears return, long yields rise on growing reflation expectationsPremier Fund Monitoring
12 Feb 2021WeeklyGlobal stocks hit new highs on stimulus, dovish Fed, easing virus cases, vaccination progressPremier Fund Monitoring
5 Feb 2021WeeklyStocks rebounded on stimulus & vaccine optimism, strong earnings, renewed recovery signsPremier Fund Monitoring
29 Jan 2021WeeklyStocks plunged amid rising risk-taking, high volatility and shaken confidence in US marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
22 Jan 2021WeeklyKey global markets returned to new highs driven by tech gains, stimulus and vaccine hopesPremier Fund Monitoring
15 Jan 2021WeeklyGlobal markets retreated from new highs as stimulus hopes dented by recovery concernsPremier Fund Monitoring
8 Jan 2021WeeklyEquities jumped to new highs as US Democrat's Senate gains led to hopes of more stimulusPremier Fund Monitoring
1 Jan 2021WeeklyGlobal markets closed 2020 with high expectations of strong economic recoveries in 2021Premier Fund Monitoring
25 Dec 2020WeeklyA mixed week for equities as fears over a new coronavirus strain offset vaccine rollout newsPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Dec 2020WeeklyStocks advanced on vaccine rollouts, US stimulus and Brexit talks progress, Fed's commitmentPremier Fund Monitoring
11 Dec 2020WeeklyGlobal markets take a breather after vaccine-driven rally as stimulus and Brexit talks drag onPremier Fund Monitoring
4 Dec 2020WeeklyCovid vaccine optimism, renewed stimulus hopes elevated US stock markets to record highsPremier Fund Monitoring
27 Nov 2020WeeklyGlobal equities rally on vaccine & political optimism as Biden administration transition beginsPremier Fund Monitoring
20 Nov 2020WeeklyVaccine rally stalls as economies would get worse before they got better due to surging infectionsPremier Fund Monitoring
13 Nov 2020WeeklyGlobal equities jump to new highs on Joe Biden win, Pfizer's encouraging vaccine trial newsPremier Fund Monitoring
6 Nov 2020WeeklyGlobal markets rally over US election outcome of a Joe Biden win and divided CongressPremier Fund Monitoring
30 Oct 2020WeeklyGlobal equities drop as Covid cases hit record highs and new lockdowns reinstated in EuropePremier Fund Monitoring
23 Oct 2020WeeklyMarkets corrected due to US stimulus uncertainty, Europe's new restrictions to curb pandemicPremier Fund Monitoring
16 Oct 2020WeeklyStock markets lacking catalyst as US stimulus hopes diminish amidst surging Covid casesPremier Fund Monitoring
9 Oct 2020WeeklyStimulus and Covid treatment hopes, Joe Biden's widening lead drove markets to best gainsPremier Fund Monitoring
2 Oct 2020WeeklyMarkets lifted by stimulus hopes amid political uncertainty and Trump's positive Covid casePremier Fund Monitoring
25 Sep 2020WeeklyGlobal Stock Markets Corrected Over Virus Concerns, Rising Economic and Political RisksPremier Fund Monitoring
18 Sep 2020WeeklyGlobal Markets Closed Lower, Still Dragged by Tech, as the Fed Calls for a Stronger Fiscal ResponsePremier Fund Monitoring
11 Sep 2020WeeklyVolatility returns amidst tech sell-off, US-China tensions, vaccine trial pause, a stall in job dataPremier Fund Monitoring
04 Sep 2020WeeklyTech sector profit takings pulled global markets down despite positive US economic dataPremier Fund Monitoring
28 Aug 2020WeeklyCoronavirus vaccine optimism, strong US economic data drove global stock markets higherPremier Fund Monitoring
21 Aug 2020WeeklyMixed global markets as US equities rose to all-time highs despite Fed's waning optimismPremier Fund Monitoring
14 Aug 2020WeeklyDowntrend in new Covid cases, stimulus hopes, economic optimism support global marketsPremier Fund Monitoring
07 Aug 2020WeeklyManufacturing & job growth, stimulus hopes, and tech gains drove markets to record highsPremier Fund Monitoring
31 Jul 2020WeeklyStocks Dragged by Covid-19 Uncertainty, GDP Contractions but Big Tech Held US MarketsPremier Fund Monitoring
24 Jul 2020WeeklyEscalating US-China tensions erased stock market gains from positive vaccine newsPremier Fund Monitoring
17 Jul 2020WeeklyVaccine hopes outweigh virus resurgence worries amidst rising US-China tensionsPremier Fund Monitoring
10 Jul 2020WeeklyGlobal equities were directionless as virus resurgence cast doubts on economic recoveryPremier Fund Monitoring
03 Jul 2020WeeklyStrong US jobs rebound, vaccine hopes brought optimism amidst virus case resurgencePremier Fund Monitoring
26 Jun 2020WeeklyVirus resurgence and IMF's warning of deeper global recession reversed market gainsPremier Fund Monitoring
19 Jun 2020WeeklyEconomic rebound and fresh stimulus hopes override virus resurgence concernsPremier Fund Monitoring
12 Jun 2020WeeklyRisk-off response to renewed pandemic fears and Fed’s cautious outlook led to profit takingPremier Fund Monitoring